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Our commercial services cover all aspects from 240v to 415v 3 phase supplies. From lighting and power to data and telecoms. We can cover general maintenance or a completely new fit out and installation. Emergency lighting systems and certificates, Fire alarm systems, CCTV and door entry systems. Efficient and effective lighting installations to save money and energy and light up sales and working areas for all your staff and customers with a wide range of LED lighting suppliers.


Electrical Work

All types from 240v single phase power to 415v 3 phase power installations.


Various lighting installations including lighting track, high bay lighting, LED upgrades and emergency lighting.


Data cabling and telephone cabling. Cable tray management, galvanised conduit and busbar trunking installations.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installation.


Security and door entry systems including KISI access.


Dan and his team at Urban Installers have always been our company’s “Go To” to provide effective and elegant solutions for all of our electrical requirements. We recently refurbished a Victorian Fire Station to utilise as a State of the Art Coffee roasting facility and Headquarters.

Urban Installers helped to define and create a robust, practical electrical installation solution, combining advanced and compliant technologies with a high-end vintage industrial finish.

No job is a problem for the Urban Installers, who have also P.A.T. tested all of our appliances over three sites and recently added an Electrical installation for our new Industrial “Smart Roaster” equipment. Helpful, accommodating and resourceful. Overall an excellent and complete service.

Kurt Stewart Found/Director
Volcano Coffee Works. South East London

Urban Installers were fantastic in helping us to create the perfect lighting for our first café. They executed the interior designer’s vision to precision, and came up with innovative solutions to work around any issues that arose. They were friendly, accessible and very easy to work with. Looking forward to working with the Urban Installers team again on our next project.

Mercedes & Simon Sieff, Founders
Yeotown Kitchen” Chiltern street, Central London


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