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We at Urban installers are specialist electrical engineers and contractors who can install any of your electrical requirements whether it is small lighting and power in a domestic area or property to higher voltage and 3 phase installations in commercial spaces.

At Urban Installers, we work with building contractors, architects, project management companies and directly with the end customer to accommodate ‘everyone’s’ needs and ‘to’ make sure a project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish and beyond.


Our Commercial Services

We can offer a customized service for all commercial clients with minimal disruption to daily operations, whether it’s working during normal hours or out of hours to make sure businesses can still run smoothly whilst works are completed and making sure we work well and communicate well with each client and provide a safe working environment.

Our Domestic Services

We can offer a great customer service and regular contact with the end customer, builder or designer to ensure that all our domestic services are exactly what the client requires to make their life easy during and after installation.


Urban installers as a company were registered in 2015 and have been growing fast ever since. Director Daniel Francis has before then accumulated 24 years experience working in all areas of electrical contracting from domestic properties, to schools and colleges, hospitals, offices spaces and large commercial stores. Then later moving in to project management in schools, Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer store extensions and new build stores followed by a year-long, new electrical riser installation across all floors in Selfridges London, providing new power and distribution panels for each floor in the building before deciding to move on and start his own company ‘Urban Installers’.


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